As a result of feedback from our clients we have improved our Wellbeing package to include:

  • a dedicated provision for Pupil Wellbeing
  • bespoke packages, giving individual Schools/Academies the freedom and flexibility to access any Wellbeing services, as and when the need arises.

Level 1: Nursing Support

Provides your staff members with confidential helpline access to one to one support, practical solutions and expert guidance for qqueries or concerns regarding their health or wellbeing, as well as a dedicated support service for Menopause and Cancer and Chronic Illness.

Level 2: Nursing Support & Wellbeing

Provides a suite of confidential services including 24/7 access to a GP service, private Physiotherapy and Counselling sessions (terms & conditions apply), empowering your staff to manage their physical and mental Wellbeing on a daily basis.

Level 3: Bespoke Whole School Wellbeing

Allows your Schools the freedom and flexibility to access all Wellbeing services for staff and pupils at the point of need via a draw down, credit bundle system.

Pupil Wellbeing Only

Enables those Schools/Academies which have Staff Wellbeing services in place to opt for Pupil Wellbeing services only via a draw down, credit bundle system.

Jamie Peacock: Be a Champion Health and Wellbeing Programme

Offers Schools and Academies the opportunity to engage pupils with proactive management of their own health and Wellbeing. This 4-session programme is delivered on site by Jamie Peacock, MBE; one of the UK’s most inspirational and commanding sportsmen and influential role models.

“The most recent data indicates 60% of staff actively remain in work while accessing their health and wellbeing service.”Mandy Dowsing BSc RN DN. Head of Nursing

Well-being Wheel

This graphic represents the full range of Wellbeing services available. For further details please refer to the service specifications.

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