The Schools People work in partnership with a market-leading wellbeing service provider – Schools Advisory Service,  to offer schools and academies the most comprehensive wellbeing services for their staff and pupils.

The wellbeing support has been broken down into 3 levels to allow your organisation the opportunity to access the right level of support for your staff, pupils, and budget.

Essential Cover

From £10 per person

Essential cover provides a cost-effective solution for providing wellbeing support for your staff and pupils, whilst also meeting the DfE’s requirements for wellbeing in schools.


Premium Cover

From £24 per person

Premium cover is a comprehensive package of wellbeing support for your staff designed exclusively for schools. Staff have access to our outstanding team of in-house wellbeing experts; counsellors, nurses and physiotherapists as well as all of the services in the Essential package.


Bespoke – Tailor Your Wellbeing Support

Credit Bundles / Fully Bespoke cover available to Access the Exact Support Required

We can build a bespoke package for your school or academy from our full range of wellbeing services. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.


For more information on the support supplied in each level of wellbeing support, and for full terms and conditions, please contact a member of the Wellbeing team on 01773 814 403.

Head of Nursing, Mandy Dowsing

“The most recent data indicates 60% of staff actively remain in work while accessing our health and wellbeing service” Mandy Dowsing BSc RN DN, Head of Nursing

Wellbeing Statistics

  • In 2019/20 our wellbeing supplier spent over £4million on wellbeing services.
  • In 2020, our wellbeing supplier’s nursing staff supported over 16,300 people via the nurse support line.
  • 5% of all people accessing physio with our wellbeing provider would have been likely to experience absence without intervention
  • In 2020, our wellbeing provider’s Counsellors supplied over 12,500 sessions of counselling to school staff around the country. That’s an average of 240 sessions per week.
  • Our wellbeing provider’s mindfulness support services helped over 5,000 staff in its first six month active.

This graphic represents the full range of Wellbeing services available. For further details   please refer to the service specifications.

School Wellbeing Services:

Pupil Wellbeing Services:


This graphic represents the full range of Wellbeing services available. For further details please refer to the service specifications.

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