Case Study

Ill-Health Retirement

The Case

A well-respected and well-loved Site Manager is suffering from a range of condition/s which significantly impact on his ability to do his job; with spinal and mobility issues the condition/s lead to a long-term absence.  The School site is complex and “of an age” and the loss of his skills and contribution is having an effect on the School’s ability to maintain the site and its functions effectively.

The Schools People Bring

Understanding of the School’s needs, and of its culture which seeks to look after the unfortunate employee to the best of their ability. Expertise in assessment of Occupational Health advice, medical records and a comprehensive knowledge of the options available to the School and to the employee including those provided by the Local Government Pension Scheme of which the employee is an active member.

The Schools People Consultant works alongside the School’s excellent Business Manager to meet with the employee and his trade union, to understand his needs and desires and to create further choices for him. Liaison over an Occupational Health opinion as to ill-health retirement leads to the employee being granted enhanced ill-health retirement benefits and being able to retire from his post with a degree of financial security and with his dignity intact.

Immediate Benefits

For the employee, the looming anxiety of financial insecurity is lifted, his medium-term future secured and his departure from the School managed in a way which respects him and respects the School’s caring culture lodged in its community. For the School, an issue is managed sensitively and its reputation as a caring employer enhanced.

Follow on Benefits

The School is able to look afresh at its Site Management needs and to create a new structure in time for the exciting challenges created by a new build on the same site.

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