Case Study

Beware The Small Print

The Case

The Trust has taken on a secondary School which has legacy service contracts. A review of these by the Trust CFO leads to notice being given on an expensive Security contract costing £60k pa.

The Company claims that the contract (no actual copy available) means the Trust must pay circa £26k in redundancy costs based on a small print Ts and Cs document attached to their invoicing practice.

The Schools People Bring

An HR Consultant with qualifications in Employment Law, decades of experience of complex contractual negotiations and commercial conflict resolution.

The capacity to make a swift assessment of the documents, including the Terms and Conditions the Company claims entitle them to £26k of the Trust’s funds and to place that assessment in writing to the Trust’s leadership.

The capacity to arrange a meeting within a couple of days to discuss that assessment with the Trust CFO and CEO and determine the Trust’s response.

The expertise to turn that decision into action- drafting correspondence the same day to the Company rejecting their claims based on an astute legal assessment of the available documents and the positions of the parties.

Immediate Benefits

The Company immediately withdraws its claim by return and accepts that the Trust has no obligation to pick up their redundancy costs- saving £26k.

Follow on Benefits

The Trust gains the overall cost saving of ceasing the contract (circa £60k per annum) plus the saving of £26k in potential redundancy costs, all of which can be invested in the needs of the School.

The Trust leadership, particularly the CFO and CEO are saved from further investment of their time and resources in dealing with the legal claim from the Company.

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