Case Study

Children’s Centres Expansion

The Case

The Federation are tendering for the running of local Children’s Centres, but unsure how this may impact on staffing, the implications of TUPE and the medium-term consequences.

The Schools People Bring

The employment law knowledge to work through the various staffing, TUPE transfer and medium-term consequences. A discussion ensues around the goals of the Federation in terms of impact on the communities they serve and the socio-economic challenges within which the new services are embedded, how the challenges can be overcome and the long-term goals of the Federation achieved.

A plan is developed to maximise the Federation’s opportunity to win the tender process, and cost-benefit is assessed in terms of staffing and ancillary costs.

On winning the tender, a further plan is developed to ensure the TUPE process , due diligence and transfer consultation is fully supported by employment, industrial relations and education law expertise, time and resources.

Immediate Benefits

The officers leading the Federation and their Governors are empowered to submit the tender, to win it and to develop the impact of the Children’s Centres which now come within their remit. This allows confidence that throughout the process they have access to expertise, whether at a distance or on-site, to support them and to provide swift effective support.

Follow on Benefits

The Children’s Centres are run by Schools based educationalists who effectively balance the delivery of family support and other wraparound community services with a view to enabling child and family development. The Schools which are part of the Federation also benefit from improved relationships across the range of services now being provided.

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