Case Study

Complex Transfer

The Case

Multi Academy Trust, SW Region

The Trust has been approached by the Regional Schools Commissioner to be the chosen sponsor for a struggling First School located across the County boundary from the Trust’s home.

The range of issues which come with the School include staffing and HR, premises, Health and Safety and finance as well as School Improvement

The Schools People Bring

The breadth of expertise to advise and support the Trust on the whole range of issues with which they are faced.

The authority founded in that expertise to assist the Trust in negotiations with the local authority involved to resolve issues over risk and liability to enable the transfer to take place.

The resources needed to ensure that the transfer takes place on time, to support the TUPE process and liaison with trades unions.

Immediate Benefits

The Trust is enabled to reach agreement with the transferring local authority on a range of issues of risk and liability, welcoming the School into the Trust on a sustainable basis and enabling the vital work of rapid school improvement to get underway.

Follow on Benefits

The Trust gains a reputation for effective relationship-building, and for dealing with complex issues in a pragmatic way. So much so that, at the time of writing this Case Study the local authority has asked if the Trust’s adviser with whom they had had dealings was available for work for the Council.

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