Case Study


The Case

An employee whose job performance had been of concern has lodged a grievance alleging racial discrimination on the part of the Headteacher. A protracted investigation has taken many months, during which the School has been advised to delay managing the performance concerns and further problems have built up. The Headteacher feel s disempowered by the process, and focus on other aspects of the School is beginning to suffer. At the recommendation of another Headteacher, the School engages the HR Consultancy service.

The Schools People Bring

In-depth expertise and understanding of the situation, its legal and procedural context and the obligations of the School and its employee. Deploying a senior Consultant with high-level negotiation skills the employee and his trade union meet the Consultant and Headteacher. At the first meeting, an agreed resolution to the issues is negotiated which helps both parties to achieve their goals and to move onwards. Within less than a week from first engagement, the issue is resolved.

Immediate Benefits

The Headteacher is released to focus on the issues which have been stalled by the previous process; an area of School life is significantly improved and significant further leadership and Governor time is re-focussed on the School’s educational priorities.

Follow on Benefits

Within a couple of years of this piece of successful casework, the School achieves region-leading GCSE results. The Headteacher goes on to become an NLE, and to make a significant contribution across the area covered by the Diocesan Board of Education and the region.

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