Case Study

Trade Union Relationship

The Case

The Trust is expanding and has been approached by the education sector trades unions for a formal Recognition Agreement and a desired Joint Consultation and Negotiating Committee. Whilst the Trust’s senior leaders have experience of working with trades unions, they do not have the capacity or knowledge required to undertake the relevant negotiations.

The Schools People Bring

An HR Consultant with qualifications in Industrial Relations and Employment Law and decades of experience of the trade union movement and of complex negotiations.

A capacity-building approach to develop the knowledge base and confidence of the Trust’s CEO and other senior leaders to enable them to be engaged with the process.

Existing positive and mutually respectful relationships with Regional level trade union officers in the NW.

Capacity deployed to the Trust during the negotiations over the agreement, and to provide a named Consultant to act as the Employer Side Secretary to the JCNC once it is created and operating.

Immediate Benefits

The Trust is enabled to establish a workable Recognition Agreement and a JCNC to formally consult with its trade union partners.

Via the approach taken in capacity-building, the Trust’s senior officers gain confidence in dealing with collective issues with their trade union colleagues, and build supportive relationships.

Follow on Benefits

The Trust gains a reputation for being a good employer, and the relationships of co-operation which are established bear fruits with the development of a Trust-wide policy suite, and latterly with the complexities of grading and equal pay arising from agreements made at the national NJC for support staff.

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